Why a Dash Board camera is a Must-Have for Truck users and motorists when it comes to insurance claims

Dash cams have become an integral item for most car and truck users. One of the reasons most motorists are finding it important to have a dash cam is because most insurance companies have proven to be difficult when it comes to insurance claims whenever there is an accident. They want substantial proof that guarantees compensation. On another dimension, they want items such as airbags and collision-avoidance system that will extend the lifespan of a motor and prevent them from compensating their clients for a while by offering them discounts.

Dash cams can record hours of video in a continuous loop once a car is started. It can continue without replacing older footages only if the memory card serving the camera is bigger and faster. If the memory runs out that is when the older files are overwritten so that the new ones can get enough storage space. The capability of long a dash cam can operate depends on how it is designed and manufactured. Some high-end cameras can continue recording even when the truck is off, a feature that is triggered by motion or GPS sensors which overlay time, location and speed. Look out to truck dash cam reviews sites if you look forward to learn more about the same.

How having a dash board cam can give you an easy time with the insurers

These are some of the instances that can give you an easy time when it comes to insurance claims with your insurance company in case of an accident.

  • Having a record of your accident can prove to be important when faced with a scenario that requires you to provide evidence. Since drivers tend to have conflicting memories most of the times when it comes to describing accidents, a record of an accident by a dash camera can save the day by providing enough proof which prevents you from being found responsible of an accident by a car insurance company. The footage proof is more than enough in persuading the insurance company to pay out claims.
  • Making you a good driver. Reviewing a video footage of your entire day driving at the end of the day can help you become a better driver because that way you are able to identify your driving weaknesses and strengths. Driving tendencies such as switching lanes and braking can be pointed out in the video footages making you notice areas that need improvement. When it comes to most car insurance companies, being a good driver can make you to obtaining a good driver discount which extends to most auto coverage’s.
  • Getting out of a ticket is another way a dash cam can come to your rescue. This happens when you are stopped in traffic for committing traffic violations. In case you do not own up to the offences, a dash cam recording can help you prove your innocence. All you need to do is get the law enforcement officer to view the footage and in case they decline to watch it and continue to write you a ticket, you can bring the footage to the court to contest the charges against you. Keeping up with a clean sheet when it comes to traffic violations and providing proof that shows that you do not have a case to answer is a sure way of avoiding nasty insurance surcharges. A dual channel dash cam that shows both the front and the rear side of the road is more useful in providing undisputed evidences because an accident can happen in either side.
  • Helps fight insurance fraud. In as much as we would like to believe that most drivers are honest and straightforward on the roads, it is disappointing to note that there are fraudsters who stage manage accidents for undeserved compensation by various auto insurance companies. Such cases not only cost the insurance companies a lot of money, but also affect other consumers because the cost of claims is divided amongst all consumers. In case a fraudster is involved in a stage managed accident, a dash cam can help to verify the heaviness of the case. Reporting a fraudster via a recording can lower your rates. A dash cam is therefore an important tool that is helping most insurance companies fight the frauds menace.
  • Having an eye for your unattended vehicle is another way that proves just how important a dash cam is. There are a number of bad things that can take place in parking lot Your car can either be hit and the culprit gets away before you can engage them or someone can break into you vehicle and make away with car accessories or other valuable items. A dash footage that is left on recording will always come to your rescue and show you the culprits; either by face or the number plate. Some dash cams are designed in such a way that they turn on whenever a motion is felt around the car. The needed evidence can help an insurance company not find you at fault for the truck’s damage. The identified culprits can therefore be apprehended by the police to own up to their mistakes.
  • Capturing of unexpected events. These are events that are unlikely to happen in road scenarios while driving, but still happen and therefore cannot be ruled out. Some relatable instances are falling trees over your packed vehicle, a rockslide or an animal that abruptly was passing by the road catching you out of the blues. Such incidents when proven by help of dash cam footage to your insurance company can save you from a surcharge.

You can learn more information regarding truck dash cams in various dash cam review sites and what to expect from insurance companies every time an accident happens that you were not responsible for, and you happen to have a video footage as an evidence of what transpired.

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