Some Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Survive In Fortnite Game

As of right now, Fortnite is the most popular game in the world. The game is distributed as two different video games however both the games make use of the same graphics and game mechanics.

A survival game created by Epic Games; Fortnite: “Save The World” offers players the complete experience of being stuck in a dystopian world where 98% of the population has vanished and the survivors are often attacked by zombie-like beings, called “husks” according to video game terminology. Four players work together towards a mutual objective on numerous missions. Upon succeeding in various missions, players are awarded several in-game items that enhance their capabilities and give them a better shot at survival. These items include weapons and schemes of certain traps and even some hero characters. The items can be upgraded using the experience you have earned in the game. This article should help you learn more about the Fortnite world.

Tips and tricks to survive in this particular version would include:

  1. Scavenging building supplies:

If you want to survive in Fortnite you have to get used to carrying around items like Metal, Wood and Stone in your backpack. These will come in handy when you’re out on various missions and have to build structures like walls or floors. Wood can easily be taken from trees and logs or maybe even from other wooden structures. Metal is usually found when you go out on city-based missions. You can scavenge some from cars, pipes, streetlights etc. However, there are also stashes of metal ores found in caves in the forest so be sure to go deeper into the caves than your map might suggest. For Stone, just look for rocks that you can break into smaller pieces using your pick-axe. These can be found on any map but are more abundant in those that take place in forests or just outside the borders of the city.

  1. Upgrading schematics:

Your weapons can be upgraded once you have the experience required to do so. It is tempting to immediately upgrade your schematics once you’ve hit that target experience however that is a foolish decision and a poor game plan. Upgrading your weapon not only means increasing its base power it also involves using other materials to build your weapon further. If you do not have those elements at hand then the upgraded schematic cannot be put to use until you find those materials later on.

  1. The durability of weapons:

One of the more interesting features of Fortnite is the durability of certain weapons. Each weapon has limits on how many times it can be used. Once you have used a certain weapon the given number of times, it breaks. This means that you will have to be out the lookout for Toolboxes and other materials that you might need to create new weapons. You can check your weapon’s durability and how much time it has left by checking the line on the right of the icon. However, since you have limited space in your inventory it is best not to stock up on too many weapons or objects that you need to rebuild them. The good part about weapons is that you have unlimited ammo and thus don’t need to waste space in your inventory stocking up on that.

Moving on to the second version, Fortnite: “Battle Royale”; this is a “player vs player” battle royal game where up to one hundred players can join. You can either play solo or play in squads of two or four. The players are air dropped from the “Battle Bus” and drop down without any weapons. They must scavenge for the resources, items and other weapons and make sure to not get killed while attacking other players. They must do all this while staying inside the safe area of the map, which grows progressively smaller due to an incoming storm. Read on to learn more about Battle Royale:

Tips and tricks to survive this version include:

  • When it comes to the beginning of the match:
  • When landing aims for building tops. Your axe enables you to chop through the building and hopefully land next to some loot.
  • Where you land decides the continuity of the battle. If you want to be right in the thick of it select some areas near the centre of the map to land on. If the plan is to land a little away with some team mates then choose a named place away from the path of the bus.
  • If you land next to someone who is not a team mate turn a blind eye to them and run away to look for some loot. You could kill them with your axe but this would take some and you would have to avoid damage yourself. On the other hand a weapon would kill them instantly.


  1. Finding loot:
  2. Once you land the first step you take is to locate some loot. It doesn’t depend on which sector you land on and so depends on your foraging skills.
  3. Loot boxes are your best option. However they only spawn in specific locations so you have to be quick. You can make out when they appear because of the sound they make which is audible even through walls; therefore be sure to search buildings thoroughly. (Pro tips: If there is a chest above you; create a walkway to it rather than taking away the floor underneath it. This causes the chest to disappear too)
  4. Make sure to enhance your shield and have a decent arsenal of weapons – close, mid and long range (ideally one or two of each), an explosive and finally an item that speeds up the healing process. Use your surroundings to heal you as well. Apples and mushrooms in the ground placed throughout the map give you a 5% health and shield respectively. It takes a lot of time to consume these items however you don’t have to pay for them and they appear throughout the map making them a precious resource.


  1. Combat time:
  2. Headphones are crucial as they enable you to perceive the presence of other players, the presence of loot chests etc. Giving you time to prepare.
  3. If you stumble upon a fight, wait till the other players have been wounded or killed before making your move. On the other hand if you have just finished with a fight then you must be cautious of your surroundings as there might be other players around.
  4. Buildings are your best friend in this game as they give you the height advantage and are also a great way to defend yourself.
  5. In the end you need practice in combat and firing weapons to really excel in Fortnite.

Follow the tips given above to learn more and acquaint yourself and ultimately become an excellent Fortnite player.

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