Pay-Per click

Digital marketing is the way of showing the value of your business or company to your targeted audience using the digital media tools. The moment we entered the digital era, business have started to use various techniques to focus on their target customers using the digital media tools. Some of the digital media tools include search engine optimization, social media sites, content marketing, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click etc. In this article, we will be focusing on pay-per-click.

What is pay-per-click?

The pay-per-click model is when the advertisers of a company need to pay the search engine only if their audience clicks on the ads they have posted on the search engine. It is more of a search engine advertising when a user searches for a particular keyword which matches your business offering you ad will show up as top results on the search engine. If the user finds the information useful and clicks on the link or ad, you will be charged.

You can use this strategy to redirect the user to your website, every time the user clicks on the link or the ad you will be charged a small fee, and you can redirect your target users to your site where you can tell them about your services and products in detail.

One of the main things you need to focus here as a marketer is to choose the right set of keywords and also organize them in proper campaigns and ad groups.

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords allows companies to place their ads on Google and every time a user searches for particular key work, Google looks into all the keywords which are used by the marketers and then picks few ads and links, and that gets displayed on the search engine. The ads get based on the relevance and the quality of keywords.

The following are some of the tips on how your keywords need to be:



The content which you use needs to have the keyword which is related to the services you provide and the products you sell. You will have to figure out words which your target audience might search and use them as the keywords so that your ad and link will appear on the top.


Make sure that your keyword is unique. Do not pick a word which everyone uses. Don’t just include the most frequent terms that are searched. Try to put in words which would cover up your entire niche. When you pick exhaustive words, many people won’t be using those words so the traffic would be less.


Make sure to update your keywords ass continually Pay-per-click is iterative, and you will have to keep growing and updating your keywords. You can use the performance grader to check how good your keywords are and make the changes accordingly.

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