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What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a medicinal drug plant often grown mainly in places such as Turkey, Paraguay, USA, Spain, India and Morocco. It is used as a cure for an array different diseases including for calming effects on people with anxiety disorders.

How Cannabis Was Introduced To the World

In Ancient History, there are stories and legends of spiritually empowered healers who were called Shamans. Anthropology trace history to the present because in many indigenous and tribal communities all over the world, these spiritual healers still reign as the doctors who help everyone. In pop culture, you might have come across the term ‘Witch Doctors’. These people have often been treated as villainous and of malicious intent because of the finer effects of colonization and an explicit demonization of all things that the imperial powers considered ‘uncivilized’ according to their concepts of a good civilization. It is only in recent times that people have been reaching down to the cores of the victimized societies to work out all that did and still is affecting their concepts of culture and what is acceptable. In a way, this includes the idea of spirituality and religion and it’s most minute details. These healers were staples of richly layered tribal societies in the indigenous peoples of countries like South America, Africa, India, Balkan Peninsula, Ancient Assyria and pretty much everywhere else. The recent trend of the reclamation of cultural originalities, people have been digging deep into the spiritual aspect as well. Shamans were considered amongst the very important and powerful personalities in a tribe for as we all know, our modern day healers or doctors as we call them are an essential part of our human world that are required for human survival. They were so powerful because the ancestors believed that these Shamans were gifted with magical powers which they had earned after having to pay a deep price for those powers which were given to them by their High Gods. If the Gods deemed someone worthy of an essence of their own being then that meant Shamans were part divinity themselves and they had the ability to not only heal but perform prayers and rituals for a n array of different things that were important to these communities, such as rituals for calling rain or seeking advice from elders who have moved on to the afterlife even for a good year in terms of harvest and hunting and many more such things. Clearly, these people wielded some sort of power which helped them gain this reputation. Anthropological speculations tell us that one of these powers might have been the knowledge of Cannabis. It is a very popular history expert opinion that Cannabis was the drug that was used by Shamans and all such magical doctors for entering a state of trance which helped them reach a different dimensional plane from where they could reach out to divine power or reach into the afterlife and ask for powers or advice.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is another name for the medicinal drug known as Cannabis. Popularly used for the recreational purposes that it provides. This feeling is often described as ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. Some recognisable symptoms of a person using this drug are:

  • Red or swollen tired looking eyes
  • Temporary short term amnesia
  • Dry mouth
  • Impaired motor abilities
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia

Long drawn usage can even lead to addiction, impaired mental development in teens who have been smoking since they were children and behavioural problems are found to be commonplace in children whose mother’s smoked or consumed Marijuana during pregnancy.

Keeping all that in mind, the popular use of Marijuana or Pot, as it is favourably known is still a very hugely popular form of recreation and people are becoming more and more responsible about their usage of this drug which has led to lenient state laws in at least nine states of the United States of America where recreational marijuana has been made legal and in many other states political campaigns include Recreational Marijuana Legalization as a part of their agendas for holding office and it is being welcomed with warmth. The atmosphere regarding Marijuana is accepting in the context of society but laws still require people to be arrested or fired of they’re caught with marijuana in their possession or in their body’s system. If they need to clean their system within a twenty four hours period then they need to understand that there is not any way to detoxify within a day.

How To Clean Out Your System In 24 Hours for a check-up then if you’re a responsible smoker or are using it as a medicinal drug or are even simply looking for a way to get off the drug?

There are about four kinds of tests that are supposed to be undertaken in order to be examined for drugs. Read through:

  1. Urine Sample Tests
  2. Blood Sample Tests
  3. Hair Sample Tests, wrongly thought to be hair follicle test which is a different kind of examination.
  4. Saliva Tests, also known as swab tests.

As is evident, it is difficult to attain discretion of the marijuana content in system but in order to temporarily obscure toxins in the urine one can have detox drinks. It is important to know that these drinks do not remove toxins from the body but simply obscure them for a few hours during which time the urine samples mist be provided.

If one wants a complete and real detox for their body, at a quicker pace then detox pills are a great option.

However, the best option in all opinions is a Natural Detox. If the question of How to Clean out Your System in 24 Hours is not an actual issue and one has some time to spare for themselves and their physical health then reaching out to rehabilitation centre would be the best move without an ounce of doubt. During this time, it is possible that the patient is put on a natural detox which uses natural medicinal properties of plants and such things to curb the addiction.

Additional Information:

Research has also found links between the use of Marijuana and increased risk of psychosis but this belief is widely disputed for the cause and effect relationship.

So it is always necessary to be careful and we’ll informed before consuming any form of drugs.


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