Everything you need to know about the one-hitter

Let us understand what is one-hitter, it is a tube-shaped pipe made of glass or metal based on one you purchase. One side of it can be flattened in a particular shape that you want and other one will be slightly enlarged to pack your buds up. This is something very popular with young people and they enjoy it a great deal. A bat is one type of one hitter and it gets a name since it look like a baseball bat. This one gets larger and wider from the end and is mostly made of metal but may vary based on the brand. One more option is chillum and this is also called a one-hitter and this was at times used by old Hindu and Buddhist monks thousands of year back. This is originally made up of clay and at the current time made of glass and gives a spike when you have it and is very popular at the present time.

Dugout is one more type of one-hitter and is a single entity for the complete family. This is two-part device and it makes it super easy for you to pack your pipe. This also gives a spoke when you have it and generally is very popular with people of all ages.

One-Hitters have created a very positive image in the minds of its customers. These customers are loyal to it and use it regularly. This is quite puzzling for a number of people who do not consider One-Hitters to be very attractive instruments. However, that is certainly not a very fair judgment. One-Hitters have their own pros and cons. If we take a good look at the pros, it will be much easier for us to understand the popularity of One-Hitters and you can find information about it here https://www.hemper.co/collections/one-hitters. This is one which will give you a spike once you have it and you will be complete stoned and enjoy every minute of having it. This is a something that has a different charm, but it has it own share of pros and cons. So you need to be careful and take it in a limit exceeding that can cause some serious implications on your health.

Positives of using One-Hitters

Below we have mentioned some of the boons of owning and using One-Hitters and there is lots of good information about it here https://www.hemper.co/collections/one-hitters.

  1. Portability: There cannot probably a bigger blessing of having a one-hitter for anyone. A one-hitter is almost like a pen. It can be carried anywhere you want. For people who travel a lot or who are always on the go, there cannot be a better smoking instrument than a one-hitter. If you are big fan then you do not need to worry too much about carry it here and there it is not tough and you can have a great time making use of this.
  2. Instant relaxation: Smoking using a bubbler or a bong is great fun. It is a relaxing experience, especially with the smooth rich smoke coming to you. However, this great experience comes at a price. It needs a setup. You need a good amount of space to set up bongs. Also, you need to give them time. With One-Hitters, all of these would never be a concern. Whenever you wish, you can get started in a matter of seconds and you can find also lots of good information here https://www.hemper.co/collections/one-hitters. This works very well for your health and this is a great way, to go ahead and enjoy your time. This is a very good thing if you want to enjoy a single spike.
  3. Style statement: One-Hitters can look great on you if they are used the right way. You might have seen a number of people use them fashionably. In fact, One-Hitters have the potential to look classy and grand.
  4. Variety of choices: There a number of different variations to choose from when it comes to One-Hitters. They come in diverse colors and designs. Plus, there are many materials to choose from and every material creates a very different impression.

However, one must be a bit careful with the list given above. What is a benefit for one person might not be a benefit to all? However, we can assure one thing. Everyone reading this article would get something or the other of his liking in the points mentioned above.


Lastly, we think that the best way to experience the positives of One-Hitters to buy one. If you are just starting out, it is better to start with something small and reasonable. As and when you get a feel of one-hitters and find them worth their value, you can go for more expensive ones.

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