ANXIETY is a cause of sorrow

Anxiety is a part of life, when you feel stressed, anxiety takes place in you. It may happen on the first day of school, when parents are breaking up, or on the day a close friend leaves you.

Introduction: So it may happen at any age and can grow worse within the life span. Actually women suffer more with anxiety than men. According to the American research, women and young people under age 35 are stressed more than in any other ages. Almost 18% percent of American suffers and the cost is almost $42 billion a year and if you want to know more visit site.

When people can select the reasons behind anxiety or can overcome depression can relief the stress, and lead a happy life.


  • Mostly women suffer from anxiety disorder more than men.
  • Young people are the sufferer after women.
  • People using opioid suffer from anxiety.
  • People who are addicted from internet gambling and are addicted to games are real loser.
  • Not only of playing games but the inner fear brings out anxiety in form of depression.

You cannot see the changes in the person, only you will feel the differences, no laughing, not doing favorite thing, not mixing with people, more sleeping, hours after hours and less sleep, can cry suddenly, with or without reasons.

As women suffer most, we went through internet and found out that girls, when bullied, see parents or relation breaks, work-money, freedom, friends, any sort of problem brings anxiety, you can find more information on

Sometime we can recover our issues, we can solve but if anything creates fear, stress, worry can bring depression. This position or term can be only cured by an expert psychiatrist, psychotherapist or an expert doctor. Otherwise, in the name of treatment it goes far beyond and most of the time, the result is too hard. The person may commit suicide or can become permanently un-curable.

Actually anxiety is just some feelings, what and how we feel but the reaction gets inside our brain and inside our body. The effect can create short time problems or long time problems or not curable condition too.

Only a good doctor can deal with anxiety attacked patients. We are not good to deal with such patients. It might cause more harm. There are some anxiety or panic attacks like butterfly inside the tummy, too much heartbeat, or reassurances from you might harm more. Talk to your child, let your child to talk, to open up, bottled up inside may not solve problems.

So, to try to help your child, you can follow some of these written below:

  • Make your child open up, let your child see the world, the truth and what really matters, what you value or what she values and supposed to achieve from life.
  • Figure out the pains, the reasons, solve them but don’t show instant reaction, let go, forgive his mistakes, mischief’s, don’t be so hard that his/her fear makes him or hear drug or medicine addicts. Help him/her to refrain from drugs; this is the most important thing.
  • Get the worries with your ideas, to see the problem, not by asking, but with stories, or with story character. Make the character talk about anxiety, so that it is easy to find out.
  • Make them write the worries in a worry box. Give time for 10 to 15 minutes and after writing, give time to think and to find out, the reasons. Help them to talk and to solve. If they can find ways then it will teach them, not to be afraid or to have courage to face it.
  • If you can solve your child’s anxiety then life for you and your child is beautiful. But if it continues, then it will be hard, painful.

For an adult, anxiety can be overcome. If not you can talk to the person you love, you can open up by talking, sharing or you can go to a psychotherapist. It is her expertise that can help you. If you do not go to an expert, anything worse can happen. You may not get cured; you can become a drug (medicine) addict. So it is wise to go to an expert to find out the causes of anxiety or depression. Severe depression causes severe health effects and can cause death or suicide. Some depression like bi-polar or schizophrenia is not always curable. Some of them can take long time treatment.

For older people, there are some common anxiety disorders which end up to mental disorders. Most people have anxiety and panic disorder, then, bi-polar disorder, or depression, eating disorder which is sometime you eat too much, continue eating, sometime it is less eating, below ration. Schizophrenia, substance abuse or addiction and so on and get help from

People gather the experience that older people talk more than they need to talk about. So they don’t care to look after them or what they talk about. Because older people are complaining always. We get tired easily, or we do have our own loads to worry about. But at any age, any time, everybody needs love and care. Parents help their children to gain status, respect, to earn money. Only they forget to teach that everything has to be earned for and paid for. It is parent’s duty to help their child become established but it is their own conscious that they should get same from their children. Otherwise parents will face too much disgrace. Everything is give and take, out of feelings. The main anxiety disorder for people is GAD. It means, generalized anxiety disorder. Elder people get worried and they cannot stay without worrying. If you are GAD, then you should face that too. It is anxiety about anything inside the house. This causes sleep difficulty, restlessness. More like excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, and extreme fear of social contacts. Parents long ago could not recognize. But doctors are there to help. They can help with jitteriness, irritating behavior, excessive fatigue and too many worries. You and family are not just enough to overcome anxiety attacks, not always. See a doctor, follow his advices.

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