All You Need to Know About Shower Stools

Moving around the house becomes extremely challenging for elderly people. As they grow older, it becomes difficult for them to perform certain activities due to physical limitations and the desire to stay self-sufficient. Elderly people also need to experience a common problem of falling and slipping at bathroom while taking their bath. This is the age-related concern and bathroom is the most hazardous place for those who have difficulty in moving. So, if you have elderly people at home or physically challenged people, then adding Shower Stools can make their life a bit easier and safer while taking bath.

What Are Shower Stools?

Shower Stools are typically the four legged stool that is designed with special rubberized feet. It is specifically designed with aluminium legs and durable plastic seat which is mainly used in bathroom while taking shower. Some of the models also come with chair backs which offer the elderly people with added support in shower or bathroom. These stools are designed to make life easier for elderly people. However, it can also be used by people who have mobility issues in getting in and out of shower. Even physically challenged people can make use of this stool.

What Are the Usages of Shower Stools?

As the name suggest, Shower Stools are extremely specialized type of seats that are mainly used in bathroom while taking showers. These stools are designed mainly to be used in shower or bath, thereby offering people with restricted mobility a great degree of autonomy while taking bath. The prime focus of this stool is minimize the risk of slips and trips while taking shower privately.

These stools are used mainly to facilitate easy transfer of a person from wheelchair to shower stool. However, this piece of equipment is not always suggested, but of course it all depends on the mobility of the users in question. Please note that Shower Stools are not considered as the durable medical tool or device and hence it is not covered under any medical insurance.

The Different Types of Shower Stools

The standard stools feature four legs with rubber feet, but there are a variety of Shower Stools that are available today in the market. Some of the different types of bathroom stools include:

  • Folding Stool Style – This is the affordable and simplest type of device and it is very durable and sturdy stool which feature the standard rubber feet and also has handgrips so as to facilitate optimal movement to and from bathroom. It has no back and hence there is very limited support while taking a bath.
  • Transfer Bench – This is the type of Shower Stools which is designed mainly for people with limited mobility. It comes with rubberized feet which are placed outside the tub, while the other two legs are placed inside the tub, thereby allowing the person to slide from wheelchair easily to the bench and get into shower directly.
  • Fold Down Stool – This is one of the best Shower Stools which is designed to be installed permanently under the shower and it comes with two rubberized feet. The back of the stool is mounted to shower wall for optimal stability. It is mainly paired with support rod that is built into the shower wall to act as the handgrip when moving to and from the wheelchair.
  • Rolling Stools – This is the model of stool which is differentiated itself from the presence of rubber wheels with optimal locking system. Some of the models also come with flip-up cushioned seat, while others provide both shower as well as commode chair functioning.
  • Standard Shower Stools – This is the type of stool that features handgrips, rubberized feet, wide seat and back support.

There are also other Shower Stools available which are designed specifically for baby showers and it perform the same function like other baby shower tubs. It provides your baby with comfort and stability, thereby making it easier for the parents to cleanse their baby without back strains and bending.

The Key Highlights of Shower Stools

Some of the key highlights of Shower Stools which are worth considering while buying one include:

  • There are some models of Shower chairs or stools that come with wind handles and armrests which help the elderly person to transfer and increase their stability when standing to take shower.
  • Some of the stools also come with height adjusting facility that makes it easier for them to adjust the height for easy transfer on and off the wheelchair. There are also models with adjustable legs which allow you to adjust the seat angle and this helps the physically challenged person to adjust the seat to suit their specific needs.
  • There are few models of Shower Stools that come with legs with multiple holes for adjustment feature and this compensate the uneven flooring.
  • The legs of these stools are zinc dipped which is pre-treated for preventing rusting and this is an important feature of these stools as it is mainly used in water environment.
  • The plastic seats installed in the stools are non-slippery and hence the person with disability won’t slip while take bath sitting on the stool. Some of the models also have padded seats for added comfort and this is the perfect option for elderly people.
  • You are required to choose the stools that come with 360 degree swivel functioning that supports movement and also ease the transfers. But, you need to ensure that the swivel functioning of the stool can be locked into position to prevent injuries. The lever that is used to operate the function needs to be installed on right or left side of the stool for easy manoeuvrability.
  • The most important feature that you need to consider is the overall weight of the stool. But, the weight of the stool needs to be considered carefully because for heavy weight person you need to purchase heavy duty stool which would weigh higher than the light models.

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